Your Fall 2012 Podium is HERE!

[dropcap style=”color: #0099FF;”]B[/dropcap]rothers and Sisters, your Fall 2012 Edition of the Printed Podium Publication is now out to the printers and available to peruse online. You can view an embedded version down below this post as well as in our “Past Podiums” section link above.

Several chapters and districts submitted articles this time around – so much so that we couldn’t include every article submitted. Be sure to check back here for more articles to be posted throughout the semester along with an increase i9n activity over the next year, but for now take a look at the newest design for your printed publication.

We worked hard to make this the best printed edition of the Podium yet. There are more articles within the pages of this issue than we have ever had before, plus we added 8 more pages to include even more content. Notable items in this issue are several articles from District and National officers, the announcement about the National Convention Theme, NIB information and the featured articles section covering the move of the Kappa Kappa Psi Shrine and a historical segment featuring never before published photos and republished photos from the original dedication of the Shrine in 1960.

If you have any questions about the newest edition of the Podium feel free to let us know by contacting our Publications Manager Nick Smith and he’ll be happy to help!

Now, without further ado – the Fall 2012 Edition of the Podium Publication:

[issuu width=550 height=356 embedBackground=%233b3a3b backgroundColor=%23474747 documentId=120829165035-8ffd94ad1d244d708a6d45c63dc92b64 name=fall2012_podium username=the_official_podium tag=bands unit=px v=2]


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  1. wdpub says:

    This was a wonderful read! Some fantastic articles!

  1. September 26, 2012

    […] Nicolas Smith (Publications Manager) a 48 paged booklet was created. The Podium can be found right Here. The one thing I did notice about the podium is not one article was from someone who is from The […]

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