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Writers Wanted!

The National Headquarters accepts the Podium submissions via e-mail at or by submitting them with the form at the bottom of this page. All submitted articles are edited for content and appropriateness. We accept articles on ALL SUBJECTS, from the fraternity/sorority and music to articles about how the values learned in band and our organizations affect your professional life. They can vary in length substantially from article to article as well as subject matter, but keep in mind some of the things listed below if you want your article used as a featured article or as a print article. In order to make processing of articles easier please use the following format:

  • Remember that articles must be received by May 1 for the fall issue and December 1 for the spring issue. Within the subject line include “Podium Article for [insert chapter name here].”
  • Feature articles should be 1-2 pages not including photos. You can figure 600 words per page, so a 2-page article would be about 1,200 words. Try to keep your article to a multiple of 300 words, with a 600 word/1-page minimum.
  • Fraternity/sorority-wide news items should be one-half page/300-word minimum, not including photo(s).
  • Chapter update/news items should be one-quarter page/150-word minimum, not including photo(s).
  • Articles may be submitted as an attachment to an e-mail message or submitted by subscribing to the Podium Online and submitting them using the form in the right-hand column of every page; save the article as either a Microsoft® Word document or in Rich Text Format – DO NOT submit a pdf only!
  • Be sure to send photos illustrating your story. Submissions containing photographs will receive priority for publication and they make for much nicer reads when placed online.
  • Every photo must have a caption! Be sure to include the photo captions within the e-mail for the article you send and be sure you identify everyone in the photo.
  • Original photos are preferred, either color or black-and-white.

Helpful Hints

  • Make your article interesting and exciting to read.
  • Focus on one or two topics and expand upon it.
  • Try not to write a chapter summary report for your article.  
  • We like to hear about extraordinary things such as successful fundraisers, unique socials, or service projects.