Cherishing Our History: National Shrine Erected at Oklahoma State University

Originally published in the May 1960 edition of The Podium |

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #0099FF;”]D[/dropcap]edication Address Given By Donald I. Moore. Past Grand President

In the fall semester of 1919, ten members of the Oklahoma State University Band formed a local band club for the purpose of forming a fraternal organization composed of band members for the development of leadership, fellow ship, goodwill and understanding, and dedicated to the service of college and university bands. The idea was presented by William A. Scroggs and accepted by Director Bohumil Makovsky who joined in the movement.

A petition was presented to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and during November I919 a charter was granted to the group incorporating the organization as Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity, and giving the Fraternity the power to issue and grant charters to similar groups.

These original members were: William A. Scroggs, first President of Alpha Chapter; A. Frank Martin; Raymond Shannon; Clyde Haston; William H. Coppedge; Richard Hurst; Carl Stevens; Clayton Soule; Asher Hendrickson; Hawthorne Nelson and Bohumil Makovsky, as sponsor.

A National Organization was then formed and A. Frank Martin was chosen as the First Grand President. A constitution was adopted, fraternity insignia designed, a ritual worked out, and everything completed for the new national organization.

The purpose of the Fraternity, as outlined in the constitution, is to promote the welfare of the college and university bands, to recognize and honor outstanding bandmen for their service to the band, stimulate and encourage the development of leadership among its members, to foster and promote a close relationship between college and university bands and to provide a pleasant and helpful social experience for all engaged in college and university band work.

The first chapter established by the Fraternity was at the Montana State College. The movement received a great response and soon more than a dozen chapters were in action. The first National Convention was held at Oklahoma State University in January I922 with a good attendance. The first edition of the magazine was published in I922 with William A. Scroggs as editor.

From the beginning, the Fraternity has shown a wonderful growth and advancement under the able leadership of some of the outstanding band directors throughout the United States. It has received much help and support from national known band directors and composers; such as, John Phillip Sousa, and many others. From this humble beginning to the present date, 104 chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi have been established throughout the United States.

Perhaps one achievement should be mentioned, the organization of a National Intercollegiate Band. This is a result of the tireless efforts and vision of Dr. F. Lee Bowling, University of Colorado. The first National Intercollegiate Band was held at Oklahoma State University in March, I947.

Thus, the movement that was started here on the campus of the Oklahoma Slate University has spread across the whole United States and the program visioned by these ten men and their director, who have officially been recognized as founders, has been projected past the campus gates to more than a hundred other chapters who have shared and become a part of this brotherhood.

At this time, as the authorized representative of the Grand Council of Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity, I place at the foot of this shrine this wreath of flowers in memory of the founders of this Fraternity and by this token we honor the Oklahoma State University as the founding and the birthplace of this Fraternal Organization.

David Whorton Speaks for Members

David Whorton, president of Alpha Chapter, speaking for the entire membership of Kappa Kappa Psi gave the following address: “As a representative of all of the chapters, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Grand Council for a1l0wing us to help with the dedication of this National Shrine and to the Oklahoma State University, we are grateful for placing it here on this campus. We would like to join the Grand Council in the Dedication Ceremony by placing this wreath of flowers at the foot of the shrine.”


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