Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association Sails into 2012

 by Sue Robash Carr,  Chair, TBΣ Alumni Association |

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #0099FF;”]O[/dropcap]ur Mission: We, the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association, provide worthwhile programming, support for greater bands, networking opportunities and professional development to Tau Beta Sigma alumni and associates while furthering the ideals of Tau Beta Sigma. The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association cultivates relationships among music professionals, other professionals and the community while focusing on empowering women.

It is with pride that I write to you as the Chair of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association, and introduce you to the other members of our Executive Council (EC). Serving as Vice Chair is Meg Burke, who is the Communications Chair. In December TBΣAA launched its new website with our new brand http://www.tbsalumni.org – please check us out! Also on the EC is Tamara Henry as the Special Projects Chair and Stephanie Salazar as the Service Chair.  We welcome two new members of the EC – Amanda Dickson serving as the Membership Chair and Leslie Twite as the Finance Chair.

You may have noticed our mission statement above. During the past biennium, as was conducted by the National Council and the Board of Trustees, the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association engaged in Strategic Planning. We clarified our mission and how it fits in the context of each piece of our leadership team by setting goals and defining the action steps of each. We will continue this process as we move into 2012.

If you haven’t heard, this fall the TBΣAA and the TBΣ Board of Trustees initiated a coordinated Capital Development campaign in an effort to increase both TBΣAA memberships and trust fund donations that support our national programs and projects. It was through the postcards, then the follow-up e-mails and texts that I got an interesting question from one of our members “what exactly is the benefit that I get for either becoming a member or renewing my membership TBΣAA?”

From the early days of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association in 2007 until today, we have come a long way in a very short time. It is through member dues and donations that we were a 33% sponsor of the National Database Project. We have also been able to sponsor a Woman in Music Speaker at both the 2009 National Convention and most recently this summer in Colorado Springs, drummer and percussionist, Mrs. Cora Coleman-Dunham. In addition to the WIM speaker at the convention, TBΣAA provided the programs for the KKΨ/TBΣ National Intercollegiate Band Concert. It was suggested at one of our alumni sessions, that TBΣAA sponsor some sort of event for alumni during the “off” national convention year.

Our Special Projects chair has set up a 2012 Bahamas Cruise for all TBΣ members, alumni and friends. You do not have to be a member of the TBΣAA to come on the cruise. The cruise will depart from Miami, FL on Friday, July 6th and return on Monday, July 9th. It will dock in the Bahamas for one day. Although we originally had December deadlines, please contact us, we have been told that if there is room on the ship then people can still register and pay the rate that is available at that time. If you have questions, please e-mail tbsaa@tbsigma.org. We hope that you consider joining us in the Bahamas in July 2012!

We represent our members at District and National Conventions and also at Winter and Summer Council meetings.  We have sponsored Professional Development calls, a Teachers Roundtable, Meet-ups and perhaps most importantly, we became an affiliate of Support Music. This association, sponsored by NAAM, is dedicated to providing resources and collaborating with other music nonprofits to keep music in our schools.

The TBΣAA looks forward to expanding our membership this biennium, and that has already begun with the “Celebrating 65 years of service to college bands…” campaign. We hope that you join us as we grow the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association and bring you, our alumni, new programs and projects.

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