The Podium is ONLINE!

[dropcap style=”font-size: 75px; color: #0099FF;”] H [/dropcap]ello everyone, and welcome to the Podium ONLINE! This is the biggest update to the national publication in recent history, and your national councils, boards and HQ staff are proud to bring you all a true, professional online publication in coordination with the print publication (which will still be produced twice a year).

With this new online publication, we’ll be able to publish most any article upon editing, meaning more students and chapters get their voices heard, and now in a functional, and polished online format. We’ll also be able to continue to update the look and feel of the printed publication to continue to make it look more and more like a professional magazine and keep it up to date with modern styles of design.

For now, please take a look around and see what kinds of articles you can dig up. Know that we’ll be adding more and more content, both new (within the past year) and even some older materials published years ago, in some cases all the way back to when the publication was the Baton (1920’s)! Feel free to let us know what you think of this system in the comments below and happy reading!

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