Even Numbered Year Means New CFRs

by Yvonne Daye, National Chapter Field Representative, KKΨ |

What’s a CFR?

“CFR” stands for “Chapter Field Representative”.  The Chapter Field Representative works as a main point of contact for chapters.  There are currently two CFR’s working for Kappa Kappa Psi: my counterpart Zeb Watkins and myself.  We travel around the nation to chapters, and when we’re not on the road we work at National Headquarters.


Who am I?

Born and raised in the “Old Dominion” State, stepping out of my true ties to Virginia and moving to Oklahoma has been one of the most thrilling adventures of my short-lived life (“Thrilling” is an adjective I have for moving to Stillwater, OK).  June 4th is when I began my journey (via plane) to Stillwater, and I have to admit that Stillwater is a town with pretty much everything I need.  Just recently, I earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance in May.  What instrument would I want to lock myself in a practice room for hours on end with, do you ask?  The bassoon of course.

I was initiated in Spring 2008 to the Kappa Psi chapter at Virginia Commonwealth University.  When I was initiated, I honestly had no clue what adventure I had embarked upon.  The brothers in the chapter generated more support of my efforts and interests.  With the excitement that was established around me, I began to embrace what brotherhood meant to me.  I do not hail from a “perfect” chapter (really, who does?), nor do I claim to be the faultless brother.  My experiences, have formed me into the person I am today.  Whether the experience be something as unfortunate as hitting a deer on another campus (accidental of course) or getting to know a chapter completely different from my alma mater.


So, what’s next?

Well, my travels start on September 4th.  To begin my travels, I start with a couple local chapters in Oklahoma, then move to the SWD and a few chapters in the SED.  I am excited to experience the higher speed limits and the big boots in Texas.  Then I move to the MWD and get to experience the true Midwest of states such as Kansas and Nebraska.  I will travel high and low to 14 different states and 33 campuses.  I look forward to the new experiences and the brothers and sisters I get to meet from around the country.

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