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The Challenge of Change

by Justin Chesak | Gamma Iota (Alumni) – ΚΚΨ, University of New Mexico ΚΚΨ National Chapter Field Representative As humans we are hardwired to appreciate the familiar, and for many when that familiar routine is disrupted it can...

Even Numbered Year Means New CFRs 0

Even Numbered Year Means New CFRs

by Yvonne Daye, National Chapter Field Representative, KKΨ | What’s a CFR? “CFR” stands for “Chapter Field Representative”.  The Chapter Field Representative works as a main point of contact for chapters.  There are currently...

Maximizing Your KKΨ Experience 0

Maximizing Your KKΨ Experience

by Zeb Watkins, Chapter Field Representative, KKΨ | I want you to stop for a second and think about yourself. Not your school, not your bands, not your chapter, but yourself. What are YOU getting...