The National Convention Experience

by Adam Cantley, National President, KKΨ |

Brothers, we are less than a year out from our National Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts. I hope you all are prepping those NIB auditions, saving up money, and preparing for an amazing experience. As student members, many of you only have one to two chances to attend a National Convention. I was eligible to attend my first convention in 1999, but attended summer school to get ahead in my major’s class-load. When my brothers returned with stories of who they met, concerts they attended, and the general good times they had, I knew I would be there in 2001.


My National Convention experience began in 2001 in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was serving as District President for the Northeast and was chairing the Membership Education Committee. My convention experience challenged my entire perspective on the fraternity. As brothers from across the country looked at policies and programs, I remember debates and wondering “how could anyone feel that way about Kappa Kappa Psi?” I remember meeting our Headquarters staff and national representatives for the first time. These people, who were just email addresses and pictures in a book, suddenly had personality and character. I sang the hymn with one brother from Butler University on my right and one from Clemson University on my left, people I never knew before this experience that became some of my greatest friends in the fraternity. Finally, I learned to appreciate my home chapter of Omicron and our experiences on an entirely new level. It is my hope that you can talk to any brother who has attended a National Convention, and they can share a similar experience.


I have yet to miss a convention since 2001. Now as National President, it is my turn to plan a transformative experience for our brothers attending the 2013 Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts. NO PRESSURE! I am fortunate to have a great group of people supporting me and I am excited to give you a sneak peek into our convention that is less than a year away.

We Are Bands: Join the Revolution


Our main theme for National Convention is We Are Bands: Join the Revolution. Being in Massachusetts, Tau Beta Sigma President Dawn Farmer and I were inspired by the founding of our country and the revolutionary experience. We hope this convention will ignite a spark in you to start a revolution within your chapter and the bands you serve.


For Kappa Kappa Psi, I have three main goals for participants at our National Convention:

  1. Participants Will Engage In Educational Opportunities Focused On Translating The Ritual And Values Of The Fraternity Into Practices That Advance Our Chapters And College Bands.
  2. Participants Will Be Exposed To A Variety Of Musical Experiences, Including The National Intercollegiate Band, Various Workshops, And Other Performing Ensembles And Opportunities.
  3. Participants Will Engage In A Positive Social Experience That Is Aligned With The Values Of Our Fraternity.


Kappa Kappa Psi will be focusing on these goals through programming that is centered on translating our Values into Vision. Our programming will focus on the lessons of our ritual, our purposes, and other guiding principles, and how to translate them into action on campus. You will see some of the programs our students consistently enjoy and learn from such as Interactive Psi, composer and conductor workshops, and outstanding musical performances. We also have a few surprises in terms of speakers, programs, and social events.


As you all look at this year, please keep Massachusetts in your mind for July 2013. It is my goal as President to make it a positive learning and social experience for all brothers. I cannot wait to look out into that delegation in Springfield and see your face!


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