Updates are Coming Soon!

by Nick Smith, National Publications Manager, KKΨ & TBΣ |

[dropcap style=”color: #0099FF;”]H[/dropcap]ello Brothers and Sisters!

Beginning this week Headquarters will be delivering a few posts a week. Some will be articles from issues past, a couple each month will be new articles from the forthcoming issue this Fall, but several will be from myself at HQ dealing with the workings of Headquarters over the summer as well as to educate everyone on what all transpires at your headquarters. The Podium Online has been going since March, and we’ve maintained a good level of traffic, but we’re hoping that more content leading into the Fall semester will bring even more and help make your online publication one that you’re proud of and one to visit often.

A few updates to speak of – we’ll be updating a few of the systems on the Podium Online, so if you visit and the website and it’s down for maintenance or you notice anything funky, e-mail me about it (podium@kkytbs.org) but don’t worry – we’re probably just tweaking something. The introduction and usage of this new online publication has brought with it many good things and many things to work on, and we’re taking the time this summer to fix what we know needs fixing and improve those systems brought to our attention. If you see anything that you would like addressed, or have any ideas on what might make this site better, feel free to send those ideas to me and we’ll start a conversation on how to implement any of them into our system.

Lastly thing for now, if there is A) Someone in HQ you would want to see an interview from or B) An article topic you would like to see covered let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to start getting more things covered as time goes by, and we’d love to cover your suggestions whenever possible!


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