A Lifetime of Service

by Carolyn McCambridge, Board of Trustees – ΤΒΣ |

Raise your hand if you were told as a membership candidate that joining the sorority was a lifelong commitment.

Lifelong. Anyone?

You may be thinking it is tough enough to make a four year…okay two year(?)…commitment to a major let alone commit to something for life. Many of us are proud to be treading in Wava’s magnanimous footsteps but did you know that Wava’s feet strayed from the sorority for a good number of years? She helped set the wheels in motion to form Tau Beta Sigma, but then graduated from college, lived her life and raised her family. It wasn’t until the 25th anniversary that Wava was sought out and brought back into the organization…and then she never left. The bonds of sisterhood you create as an undergraduate will remain with you long after graduation. The organization itself will remain long after graduation and will always be here for you.

As a collegiate member, Tau Beta Sigma affords you with a values based philosophy, leadership opportunities, academic support, encouragement, opportunities for personal growth, and a social outlet. In addition, it gives you hands on experience with communication, public speaking, event planning, collaboration and leading others. If you take full advantage of everything the sorority has to offer, you will graduate prepared to enter the workforce and/or tackle whatever comes next in life.

Regardless of where that takes you, Tau Beta Sigma will still be there, NEEDS YOU and has opportunities to make your commitment to our organization worth your time. Through the use of committees, the Board of Trustees and Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association rely on the talents and knowledge of our alumni to help make these branches of the organization work. The Board of Trustees committees include capital development, finance, scholarship, legacy and communications. Do you have a passion for fundraising or familiar with grant writing? Love history and want to make a connection with our past presidents? The Board would love to have you on their committee team.

TBS Alumni Association

The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association is where our members can find a place of belonging post graduation and answers the question of, “what’s next”. It strives to provide its members with professional development, networking avenues, social opportunities and service. Leadership in the TBSAA is available as a member of the Executive Council but also through the membership, communications, special projects, service and finance committees. The TBSAA is dependent upon its membership to create an organization that will be of value. It requires the time, talents and feedback of its members to help grow and shape the organization. Without an active alumni roster, the association would cease to exist and the sorority would see many excellent sisters slip away.

To the current actives of our organization: The Board of Trustees and Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association encourage you to take full advantage of every opportunity that you can while in our organization and hope that somewhere along the way something ignites a desire to stay informed and involved after graduation.

TauBetaSigma-LifeMembership Plan

To our many alumni: Life happens. Through it all Tau Beta Sigma will always be here for you. Whether you have been away for 5 minutes, 5 years or 25 years, we want you back. The sorority often calls upon individuals because of a specialized skill and the more people we have to tap, the better our organization will be. We can find a place where your talents and expertise will be well utilized.

Let’s set in motion a flourish of leadership interest, volunteerism, and a passion for an organization that has impacted our lives on the highest of levels. Together, as a team, now and in the future, we can all do our part to ensure Tau Beta Sigma will forever be For Greater Bands!

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