Music is Not the Only Common Tie

by Javonni McGlaurin, Theta Phi – KKΨ, Northeast District VP of Membership, Hampton University |

There is no doubt that music is our common tie. We as sisters of Tau Beta Sigma sing those words and understand the importance of the words but what resounds even deeper in our hearts are the other ties we develop as sisters. Music brings us together initially as sisters but what happens after we are done talking about music? We learn about each other. We discover all the other things that we have in common. It can be a love for a Disney move, a love for Italian food, same career path or even same hometown.

I personally know two sisters where we have this close connection. The first one I met immediately after becoming a sister. It was at the reception after I was inducted and she came up to me congratulated me and introduced herself. She was actually a sister that was from my hometown, Saint Louis. She went to a high school not too far from me. Since then we have always been close. When we go home for the holidays we meet up and reconnect since we attended different universities. That is a strong bond that can never be broken. The other sister I met more recently. I was introduced to her while attending the Northeast District Convention. I was having a conversation with her and it turned out that we are pursuing the same career and want to attend the same Graduate schools. I’m close to her because it is rare to find someone that shares a passion for a unique career field.

At that point, it wasn’t about TBΣ anymore. It was about individuals and personal interactions. Some of my best friends and people I talk to about my problems are sisters. I encourage everyone to do all they can to strengthen the ties of sisterhood in all aspects even those outside of music and band. Since I became a sister of Tau Beta Sigma, this journey has taken me from a chapter member to a chapter officer and from there a District officer and throughout all of my experiences one thing that remains constant is that music is not our only common tie.

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