2012 Re-Launch of the Music Educator Mentoring Program

by Kevin Earnest,  National VPSP, TBΣ |

What is the Music Educator Mentoring Program?

Music educator mentoring through Tau Beta Sigma is defined as a one-to-one relationship between a graduating senior or young educator and a seasoned educator that occurs over a prolonged period of time.  The mentor provides consistent support, guidance, and help to the student/young professional who is in need of an experienced role model.  The goal of the mentoring program is to aid young music educators in gaining the skills and confidence to be effective in their field for the long-term.

Beginning in February 2012, suggested monthly discussion topics will be provided by the National VP for Special Projects.  These discussion topics are recommendations to help begin a productive conversation.

Why participate in this program?

The first few years are fundamental for a teacher’s success; they are recognized as being important to one’s teaching effectiveness, job satisfaction, professional commitment, and career longevity (Darling-Hammond, 1997; Feiman-Nemser, 1983; Lortie, 1975; National Commission on Teaching & America’s Future, 1996).  Nationally, 17% of new public school teachers leave the profession within the first three years (National Center for Educational Statistics, 1997).  With this in mind, this program was established to empower young music educators to grow into professionals that are more prepared to succeed and remain within the field of music education.

Who can be a mentee?

Mentees are graduating seniors in the field of music education or educators within their first four years of teaching in music.  Special consideration will be given to band directors.  Affiliation with Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, or Women Band Directors International is not required.

Who can be a mentor?

A music educator with more than five years of experience interested in becoming a mentor must be associated with Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Women Band Directors International, or be recommended by a member/alumnus of one of these organizations.  Tau Beta Sigma expects a mentor to meet a minimum of once per month with the young professional for a period of one year.  This meeting is at the convenience of both the mentor and the mentee and may be of any format (e-mail, phone, face-to-face, etc.).  A formal mentorship through Tau Beta Sigma may continue longer if desired by both parties.

How can one sign up to be a mentor or mentee?

Potential participants may e-mail the Tau Beta Sigma National VP for Special Projects, Kevin Earnest at kevin@tbsigma.org.  As mentees become available, pairings will be made for a one-year period based upon location, level taught, and other similarities in order to improve the mentoring process.


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